Key to the delivery of timely, accurate and high-quality laboratory services is the collaboration between patients, primary care physicians, medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) and other health care professionals during the pre- and post-analytical phases of the laboratory process. Errors in the clinical laboratory process are directly related to patient safety. Inaccurate tests results can potentially lead to the delivery of incorrect treatment, delay in correct diagnosis, unnecessary treatment, treatment complications, and additional unnecessary diagnostic testing.

Several challenges exist that impact the ability of MLTs to participate in interprofessional collaboration within Patients’ Medical Home (PMH) model of care. The development of interprofessional educational materials that are cognisant of these challenges provides the opportunity for MLTs to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to participate in interprofessional collaboration, an approach central to PMH models of care.

We are developing two virtual toolkits, one for MLTs, and another one for other health care professionals that will be accessible regardless of geographical location.

Funding Source

Canadian Federal government through Team: Primary Care

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